WoW – Castle Nathria Royal Quarters Wing Tactics

These are the boss tactics for the three Royal Quarters Wings encounters in Castle Nathria, the first raid of the WoW Shadowlands expansion.

Castle Nathria is a 10-encounter raid introduced in WoW: Shadowlands. Players will start by killing the first boss and then clear the next two wings in any order to unlock the third wing that has the final encounters. We will analyze some quick tactics for the Royal Quarters Wing, one of the first two wings.

Royal Quarters Wing Tactics

Sun King’s Salvation. This encounter has an add phase and a Shade phase. We will start with the add phase. Kill the Infuser mobs first followed by the Occultists. The Vanquishers should be next. The Assassins and Fiends can be left for last. You can use crowd-control on the Infusers. The Vulgar Brand has to be interrupted. When fighting against the last two types of monsters, you need to spread out. Put healing spells on the Essence Fonts, channel the Soul Pedestals, and directly heal Kael’Thas. The objective is to get him to 45% and 90% between the first phases. In the Shade phase, the Phoenix mobs need to be killed from afar. The Shade does a frontal attack which should be avoided. Stack up for Ember Blast.

Artificer Xy’Mox. The fight has three phases. In phase one, use the portals if you have fixate on you. In phase two, use the portals to transport the seeds to the other side of the room. In phase three, use the portals to avoid the weapon explosion. One portal should be in the middle of the room. Another should go as close as possible to a wall. Players need to watch out for the beam and traps on the ground. Tanks need to move away from the group if they get the debuff.

Council of Blood. This fight features three bosses. The kill order is Frieda, Niklaus, and Stavros. The last one has to be kept away from the group. Tanks will alternate between the last two bosses. When Frieda casts Dreadbolt Volley it has to be interrupted. Players affected by Dark Recital have to group up. When a boss gets to 50% HP, get to your spot and mimic the dancing NPCs. Kill the adds that put the shield on bosses. When the first boss dies, group up the adds and take them down with AOE. Beware of the dancing mobs. After the second boss dies, avoid Evasive Lunge from the boss and the explosions of the dancing mobs.

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