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In the early rallies of the second set, Takeda questions Ukai on why Kageyama and Hoshiumi do not try their super-fast attack. Despite Tanaka’s frustration, Ukai tells him to take things simply because he could tell that the purpose gap was bothering him. When Hakuba wins Kamomedai the first set despite having fallen for Hinata’s decoy trick, Kinoshita expresses his intimidation over their opponent. Within the game’s first rally, kai and the others witness Hinata and assume to perform their very own model of the tremendous fast assault. Hinata is stubborn about wanting to maintain playing, and Ukai doesn’t know the way to inform him to do it till Takeda steps up. After the two perform the attack a second time, ukai elements out to Takeda that, though it has been a while since he had finally seen the attack, he believes that Hinata’s vertical soar has gotten higher.

Though Ukai was hesitant about the distance, Hinata nonetheless agreed to practice below Katō and return within the two 12 months time limit. However, he tells his team that regardless that the final rally was worthy of shock value, it wouldn’t be any more as soon as they figured out why they received tricked. Right after, Takeda has a pleasing appearance on his face. While ukai asks him why he wants too cheery, he explains that it’s. As a result, he was happy with Ukai’s growth as a coach and mentor, and Ukai responded along with his shock since he’d by no means expect to get a compliment from a faculty instructor. Into the third set, while Hinata appears to have a fever, kai is indignant at himself for not noticing earlier.

Back at the lodge, Ukai brings Hinata food to his room and tells him that it wasn’t that he lacked guts or didn’t wish to win badly sufficient that he got sick and he needs to work to push his limits greater. Ukai is last seen at his grandfather’s home with Takeda as they watch the Olympic fit between japan and Argentina. They get prepared Haikyuu Merch for their quarter remaining match. Later on, Ukai thinks to himself that if they’d stuck to their regular rotation, Karasuno’s two finest and tallest gamers- Kageyama and Tsukishima- could be right after each other, and having them next to one another would have saved Karasuno several instances, nevertheless, even if Ukai had modified the rotation, it would still benefit the group because it can be a technique to defeat Kamomedai’s wall.