Output According To Which Fight?

Feel that this is similar to 60/40 Volkov, can make it seem simple but Hardys becoming better, appeared sharper struggle and also his cardio was strong. Volkov Dec ought to be fine. This is the measure up Hardy if he wishes to be regarded as a good fighter, wants. Volkov is exposed, but I can not shake the impression he’s so far better compared to Hardy. Feel like Hardy grabs him dumb in a struggle he balls style that is hot that is losing, or he simply gets picked gasses, also loses. Reach is exactly the exact same in newspaper and Hardy a few inches shorter. Probably a bit thicker . I don’t enjoy the juice Volkov. Is he reliable enough for the line he’s at, although I believe he dominates?

That was really embarrassing and onto a stage. I believe he would come fanatical out here and afraid to engage, although there’s no way of knowing how affected he’ll be. Value in Hardy KO IMO. Volkov has 37 conflicts and was ko and cause among the 3 toughest hitters from the ufc knocked out him there is worth? Lower output based on that struggle? Did Hardy utilize last struggle – possible cardio matter? From KOing and almost subbing him? On paper it sounds like an easy fight for Soi keo bong da Volkov, but it’ll be just like playing poker with a guy that only played with a couple of games he understands the fundamental but lacks the capacity to understand why and when.

Increase the fact that Hardy includes KO-power, Volkov is utilized and knows how to maneuver the opponent where they are wanted by him , without so much as throwing. Like when Volkov wished to, he distributes Hardy and can pull shield. This is not IBJJF. Nobody would like to be about Hardy’s bottom carrying punches, particularly considering he had been knocked out cold on the floor in his struggle. Volkov’s got a guard. Werdum within his shield some time back. No gnp would be landed by hardy, Volkov would utilize his extended legs finally get an armbar/triangle and to frustrate Hardy. He could neutralize him and also predominate from the floor. He’s definitely on the floor. I’m only stating that a protector is a final thing that he must do since there is an enormous risk.