Join the Nelk Boys Crew: Store Now Open!

The Nelk Boys have taken the internet by storm with their wild and unconventional pranks, stunts, and antics. Their online following has grown exponentially over the years, making them one of the most talked-about content creators in recent times. Now, fans can get even closer to the Nelk Boys crew by joining their exclusive membership program and scoring some awesome merchandise from their newly launched store.

For those who are not familiar with the Nelk Boys, they are a group of Canadian YouTubers who began creating prank videos in 2010. The group consists of three childhood friends – Jesse Sebastiani (aka “MTV”), Kyle Forgeard (aka “Kyle from Montreal”), and Steve Deleonardis (aka “The Full Send”). They gained massive attention for their hilarious pranks and infectious personalities. Fast forward to today, they have an impressive following of over six million subscribers on YouTube alone.

With such a huge fan base comes great responsibility. The Nelk Boys Official Merch decided to take their connection with their followers to another level by offering an exclusive membership program called “Nelk Crew.” This premium membership provides fans with access to behind-the-scenes content, first dibs on events tickets, special discounts on merchandise purchases and much more.

But that’s not all – while being part of this elite club certainly has its perks; it also gives members a chance to connect with fellow fans in real life through meet & greets organized by the boys themselves. One thing is for sure; it wouldn’t be your typical meet & greet experience as anything is possible with these guys!

To add icing on the cake – The Nelk Boys have officially opened their online store! Fans can finally get their hands on trendy apparel like hoodies, t-shirts hats inspired by some of our favorite “full send” moments witnessed through our screens over these years! You’ll be proud rocking out wearing clothing not just loved but ‘Full Sent’ by the Nelk Boys!

Just like their pranks, the merchandise on offer is nothing short of unique and edgy. Each product has been carefully designed, keeping the Nelk Boys’ brand image in mind. It’s not just about wearing any clothing; it’s about feeling a part of this notorious crew too.

Fans will be sure to love every single piece available now and with items selling out rapidly across North America, it’s safe to say anything with ‘Nelk’ written on it will not stick around for long! We can already envision queues at warehouse sites worldwide ahead of late November when orders commence shipping across the world.

For diehard viewers and enthusiasts who want to express themselves while standing out from others – you’ll find uniquely casted Nelk charms through stainless steel chains in necklace form or striking off a key hanger allowing fans to ‘The Full Send’ from head-to-toe! And talking about hats; saddle up a ‘Rad Dad Hat’ if music festivals take your fancy or go for an all-American embroidered trucker cap that screams nostalgia! There is literally something for everyone!

In conclusion – being part of the Nelk Crew lets fans access so much more than cool items and faster tickets but an affiliation with idols breaking through parts our daily lives without knowing it. So why wait? It’s time to get involved – join The Nelk Crew today!