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OLG will make cheap efforts to promptly notify the Player of such refusal via the Participant Contact Data related to the Participant Account. OLG will not be required to notify the Participant of any delay related to the processing of a withdrawal of Unutilized Funds or the explanation for such delay except further info or documentation is required to be provided by the Participant. In some circumstances, an extended time frame for processing a withdrawal could also be required. OLG, in its sole discretion, could sometimes return Unutilized Funds to a Player by different acceptable means. Offered such cancellation has not been processed by OLG; the related funds will be returned to the Unutilized Funds in the Participant Account.

Following a Player’s request to withdraw Unutilized Funds from their Participant Account and the satisfaction of all other terms and situations for a withdrawal (together with providing any required info or documentation to OLG), in most circumstances, OLG will be capable of processing the withdrawal inside three Enterprise Days. Topic to the terms and situations of this Agreement, a Player might withdraw Unutilized Funds from their Player Account up to the then-present stability of Unutilized Funds. If a Participant Account is Suspended and the Participant desires to make a withdrawal of Unutilized Funds, the Participant must contact Participant Assist. A Player could cancel their withdrawal request through their Player Account. Whereas an interface might not make or break the gaming expertise, it might make or break getting to playing the sport.

OLG may once in a while restrict the variety of withdrawals of Unutilized Funds by a Player that a Participant could make throughout a specified period. As of the date of this Agreement, the minimum amount of a single withdrawal of Unutilized Funds by a Participant is $2. There is no such thing as the most quantity of a single withdrawal of Unutilized Funds by a Participant. If a player needs to withdraw less than the required minimum amount, the Participant must contact Participant Support. OLG may infrequently specify minimally, and most withdrawal amounts apply to Participant Accounts. OLG could, in its discretion, refuse a withdrawal request if OLG suspects such withdrawal is made in breach of this Settlement (whether or not such violation is a cloth Breach).