Gloryhole Swallow Experice

what…? What’s happening over there? A dick is stuck through a hole in the wall, yes a gloryhole!

Here I’m in an adult video booth, holding my penis in my hand and watching a blonde give a guy a very loving blowjob, and now this. I had to stare at the dick for a moment. I had to admit that it was a nice looking dick, not big but very well-formed. I tried to ignore it and turned my attention back to the movie. After a while, Dick disappeared. I was surprised to miss it. It didn’t take long for curiosity to begin to cross my head. I just looked at the owner of the invading cock. As quietly as possible, I scooped up to the opening and looked inside. The man was sitting on the bench and slowly fisting his penis. He looked like a pretty normal person about my age. I saw him play with his stab wound longer than I intended, but eventually, I returned to my bench. I was very excited to see him catch me.

I never stopped stroking my rooster while watching him stroke him, and I had to slow myself down to prevent coming. I couldn’t concentrate on my movie. The events of the last few minutes upset me. Then it dawned on me. When he looked through the hole, what he saw was that I was playing with my dick, exactly what I saw. Well, I thought that two people could play this game. Let’s see what he does when there is a dick beside the wall. I stood next to the wall and put Dick’s head through the opening. I soon began to lose my nerves. A second idea about the safety of such movements began to be imposed on my brain. Then I felt a warm and wet feel on the edge of my dick, and all my thoughts were transferred to that other head.

My penis head was in the warmest envelope I’ve ever had. The rest of my dick wanted some of it and chased his head through the hole. I was swallowed. The man loved my penis. He painted his body on the wall and enjoyed the best blowjob of his life. My wife sometimes gave me ahead, but it always meant the same or obligatory. She never fell in love with my dick as this guy does, and she never ended me. I was on the verge of climax, so I returned to the present with that thought. I had to inform this guy. I moaned and began to partially withdraw.

My benefactor did not allow it and renewed his efforts. I started coming from the base of my spine. Large cramps occur one after another. I saw the stars. My dick was still in his mouth when I spent; he was taking it all. I slowly returned from the wall little by little. He didn’t release my dick until it came to my side of the hole. I was trembling. I had to sit down. What an experience! After taking a breath, I pulled up my pants and prepared for departure. I glanced at the hole and saw the benefactor’s head through the opening. I was confused. He was asking for repayment, but something in his body language told me that he didn’t demand it and, in fact, he didn’t expect it. Still, I’m the kind of person who pays off his debt, so I thought what I could do was give him a handjob.

He was about to withdraw when I reached out and stroked his penis with the gentlest touch possible. He sighed and stabbed his penis all the way through his opening. Now I was able to grab it and masturbate him. I crouched down in the hole to get a better angle. The man gave me so much joy that I wanted to do a good job for him. I squeezed alternately with caress, and he let me know with his moan that I was doing well. From my new position, I could also take a closer look at his penis. It was really good. I was impressed and noticed the smell. I put my nose right above it and got better foaming. It brought my lips to the tip of his penis. I gave it a short, tentative kiss. The man moaned loudly. I gave it a quick, provisional lick. The man moaned again.

I was starting to see all these charms. The taste was ok, the smoothness in the mouth was very good, and the strength was also great. The man’s world of happiness rested on my lips. I slipped my head into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it. He moaned. I slid my mouth all over the shaft, back to my head, and back down until his forehead touched the wall. I held his penis there for a few seconds and then slowly repeated the process. His penis began to dive into my mouth. I could feel him plastering the opposite wall. He raised the tempo. He didn’t last long.

I was wondering if he would warn me before he came when he just did it. If I had to finish him by hand, I had every intention, but when I came, I remembered how wonderful it was to be still in his mouth. I just increased the pace a little, and that was it. He came with a strong gush hitting the back of my throat and swallowed me. After the spurt was shot in my mouth, I held up as a spurt. Finally, they stopped. I still had his penis in my mouth. For some reason, I was proud. Slowly he withdrew. I heard him jump into the bench muddy. My pride has skyrocketed. I strangled him. I sat down to figure out what had happened. I was given the best blowjob in my life and the first blowjob in my life. I swallowed semen. The taste and feel of the semen in the mouth weren’t very pleasing, but it wasn’t bad enough to regret what I did. At last, I struggled to leave. When I closed the door on the way out of the booth, I felt the next door open.

My partner also left and chased me from the store. When I got to the car, I glanced at him, heading for the car parked next to me. I looked closely and confirmed that he was my size and age and had a wedding ring like me. Driven by the urge, I saw him and said, “Thank you.” He was temporarily stunned by me talking to him, apparently not in an adult store. But then he smiled and said, “My joy.” When he got into the car, he said, “I’m usually here on Thursday.” “It’s good to know that,” I said. “See you next week.” I waved at him when he ran the car. When I got home, it sank in my brain that I had just volunteered to give the guy another blow job on Thursday. I couldn’t wait.